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When I first recieved a message from my old school friend, Chaz, informing me that she was engaged, I was over the moon! But to then be asked to photograph her wedding - well I had no words. What. An. Honour! 
In the loveliest house in Watermead, Chaz had her closest friends and family in her mum's house getting ready for the big day ahead, and I can tell you this now, there was not a nerve in sight (well maybe a few...) With hair, make up and dressing done, it was time to hop in the VW camper van, an absolute favourite of mine) and head to the venue that is Dorton House.

Chaz and Ayman have been together for as long as I can remember, complete childhood sweethearts. When I visited Dorton House with them before their wedding, I was enlightened to find out that Ayman went to school there as a child so I knew this wedding was going to be really special.
With Ayman and the boys already there, it was a case of waiting for the bride and the day could begin! With a church built into the grounds of Dalton House, Chaz had a lovely walk through in the April sun and married the love of her life. 

The rest of the day was full of love, so many tears, pizza, reminiscing and smiles. Dorton House is a fabulous backdrop for any kind of photo and with people as fantastic as Chaz, Ayman, the fun-filled bridesmaids and dapper best men, what more could you ask for in a wedding? So without further ado, I introduce to you the new Mr & Mrs Haroon-Doyle!